Online Mastering Service

*Audio mastering for CD, digital, and vinyl

All mixed tracks should be provided as

PCM (WAV, AIFF or SD II files, up to 192khz/32bit)
DSD (DFF, DSF up to 5.6Mhz)

CD masters provided as DDP (or CD-R)

Digital masters provided in any format (WAV, FLAC, MP3, …)

Vinyl masters provided in any format that lacquer cutting engineer needs. I do not cut lacquer discs.
E.g. Two audio files (one for each side of vinyl) with time sheet

*Basic pricing

One album: 25,000 JPY (210 USD)
Additional charges for complicated projects
E.g. More than 10 tracks per album,  noise restoration, …
Discounted charges for uncomplicated projects
E.g. One track drone album

*Noise restoration

Contact for details

For inquiries contact info [at] hibarimusic [dot] com

* CD、デジタル、レコード用マスタリング
* ノイズリダクション
info [at] hibarimusic [dot] com

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